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The Current State of Non-Profit Charitable Organizations in Western Canada

Download the report The Current State of Nonprofit charitable organizations in Western CanadaThe Current State of Non-Profit Charitable Organizations in Western Canada in PDF format.

The Goldie Company together with Collis & Reed Research designed and surveyed non-profit organizations in Western Canada regarding the current state of their fundraising practices. The survey had four objectives. These were to:

  • Create a snap-shot of non-profit organizations operating in Western Canada.
  • Ascertain the extent to which they have been impacted by the current economic downturn.
  • Query these organizations about 28 key characteristics of effective fundraising that focus on organizations’ structure, approaches and practices. Then build a profile of the extent to which Western Canadian non-profit organizations perceive they have adopted these 28 characteristics into their organizational practices.
  • Compare and contrast organizations that have and have not been affected by the current economic down turn in terms of the extent to which these organizations practice the 28 characteristics of effective fundraising.

The survey consisted of three sections:

  1. The characteristics of the organization: Five questions covered topics such as the type of services provided by the organization, the fundraising approaches used, the size of the organization and their annual fundraising goals.
  2. The impact that the economic downturn has had on your organization: Five questions covered topics such as changes observed in the amount and number of donors, changes in the demand for services and actions undertaken by organizations as a result of the economic downturn.
  3. Characteristics of effective fundraising: Twenty-eight characteristics of effective fundraising practices were presented. Respondents were asked to indicate on a seven point disagree to agree rating scale (1=strongly disagree, 7=strongly agree) to indicate the extent to which they agree their organization practiced each of these characteristics. These 28 characteristics were divided into four thematic sections, case for support, their fundraising team, fundraising development, fundraising activities and communication strategies.

The survey was designed as an online internet questionnaire. Western Canadian non-profit organizations were informed about the survey via an electronic newsletter sent to these organizations by Canadian Fundraiser and by local chapters of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Survey data collection took place from Friday May 1st through to Friday May 15th. A total of 75 organizations participated in the survey. Characteristics of organizations that participated in this survey were consistent with the results of other recent Western Canadian non-profit organization surveys. Seventy-six percent of participants supplemented their responses with a total of 257 comments. In addition, there was a general consistency of responses within the survey results. Thus the 75 survey participants appear to be a reasonably representative sample of non-profit organizations in Western Canada. Further, these respondents clearly took this survey seriously and were willing to provide detailed insights into their experiences working within this sector.

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