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The not-for-profit sector has specific needs and a distinct hiring culture that sets it apart from corporate executive search and recruitment. No one understands that better than Canada’s longest-serving fundraising consulting firm, The Goldie Company.

Since 1965, The Goldie Company has offered assistance to organizations seeking to identify and hire qualified candidates for senior-level positions. We have a solid reputation for helping organizations locate, recruit, coach and mentor leaders, develop Boards and manage volunteers. Goldie HP knows that people are the foundation of every not-for-profit organization. We have the experience and the knowledge that can help you to build your perfect team so that you achieve — and exceed — your goals.

We share your enthusiasm to create a better world. Now, let us share our not-for-profit recruitment, training and coaching expertise with your organization so that you are equipped to succeed.

At Goldie we call it HP, not HR.

Human Potential is a holistic approach to Human Resources. It is a philosophy that can inform and enhance every aspect of your organization, from the people you recruit to the training you provide. It’s about empowering people by enabling them to reach their full potential. People thrive in working environments that are caring and friendly, where an employee’s or a volunteer’s best efforts are rewarded and encouraged, through constructive appraisal, constant improvement and the opportunity for self-evaluation. The net effect is positive change for your organization and the advancement of your mission, vision, values and goals.

People determine an organization’s success or failure. We can help you to locate, hire, nurture and train your leaders and your team.

We Seek and Hire

Goldie HP focuses on executive leadership searches for the not-for-profit sector because we know from years of experience what it takes to find and recruit successful leaders for our clients. We seek out excellence. In today’s world, not-for-profit executives must be more than managers. They have to be creative thinkers, innovators and communicators who can motivate people, problem solve and meet the challenges of a rapidly changing not-for-profit environment with integrity and commitment. Goldie HP can help your organization find the right leaders for your team, leaders who can effectively raise your organization’s performance standard and sustain its vision.

We Train, Coach & Mentor

Harmony in the workplace is the very essence of effectiveness and productivity. An organizational culture in which people cooperate and work well together fosters a dynamic environment of trust, enthusiasm and creative energy. By identifying the underlying dynamics, behaviours and issues that weaken interpersonal relations in the workplace, Goldie HP’s coaching and mentoring professionals will help you to transform your organization by encouraging that extraordinary potential every human carries within and by fostering a unifying team spirit.

Goldie HP coaching is the ideal tool for teams because it builds effectiveness from the inside out. This establishes a positive framework that empowers people to do the work necessary to meet strategic goals. The more cohesively an organization can focus on its vision, mission and common goals, the greater its connection to positive results.


GOLDIE HP provides no-commission, flat-fee recruitment services. Goldie HP takes care of all the steps along the way: the preparation of the position description, the formulation of a strategy most likely to identify qualified candidates, as well as a comprehensive evaluation of candidate qualifications and achievements so that ultimately we find the right “fit” for your team, not only the most qualified.

We also offer a full range of training and coaching programs, which can be tailored to your organization’s unique needs:

  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Team Building
  • Board Development
  • Leadership Training
  • Staff Recruitment and Training
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Training

Goldie HP’s unique brand of coaching and mentoring services introduce your organization to a common language and a deeper understanding of what motivates individuals. It encourages self-evaluation as the main tool for moving toward insight and constant improvement, ultimately cultivating success at many levels within your organization.

Our recruitment services help you to secure excellence in leadership. Our training will help you to harness your people power.

Goldie HP is committed to the vision of a strong not-for-profit sector. We believe that by tapping the source of human potential not-for-profit organizations can achieve remarkable results.