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Spring 2019

Goldie Newsletter - Spring 2019

Finding the Common Threads - Faith-based fundraising, non-dues revenue, and how to communicate effectively about your charity.

Acts of Faith: Q&A with Michelle Harder - Expert Michelle Harder joins Goldie, bringing a new focus on faith-based fundraising.

Beyond Membership - Daniel Tessier-Young offers a path for associations pursuing non-dues revenue.

Who Are We and What Do We Do? - In this excerpt from The Vigilant Fundraiser, Peter Barrow offers 5 key steps to developing effective communications about your charity.

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Winter 2018

Goldie Newsletter - Winter 2018

Fundraising in Flux - Taking stock, tackling today’s challenges, and refining our best work.

Moving On Up - Are we better fundraisers than we were 20 years ago? Ron Collis asks for your input.

Balance and Transparency - Fundraiser Daniel Clapin wants charities to be clear about restricted funds and indirect costs.

New Year, New Ambitions - Kathleen Cymek and Marielle Bryck on embracing the future of fundraising.

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Fall 2016

Goldie Newsletter - Fall 2016
Top-Level Performance -
What does it take for a non-profit to succeed? Motivation, vigilance, and continuous improvement.

The Bold Message - Ron Collis on what non-profit leaders need to say to inspire their teams.

On The Lookout - Two fundraising experts offer tips for building teams full of vigilant fundraisers — no matter their job titles.

Effective Altruism - Ken Wyman considers the pros and cons of this giving philosophy.

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Summer 2016

Goldie Newsletter - Summer 2016
Finding the Right Fit -
Does your team “fit” your organization, and vice versa?

Promoting a Successful Team Environment - Ron Collis says work culture is a shared vision that requires vigilance.

CanadaHelps Turns 15 - How is this non-profit using big data to improve charity know-how?

Four Ways Your Work Culture Can Attract Volunteers - Two front-line fundraisers offer advice on building a winning balance and team.

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Fall 2015

Goldie Newsletter - Fall 2015
Putting People First -
Fundraising is about people.

Governing Well and Growing - A new awards program celebrates charities that are making strides in governance and talent management.

Pofile: Future Fundraisers - Humber College students Susan Barnes and Maggie Hutton receive scholarships that honour past professionals.

The Accidental Fundraiser: David Chambers - A series that celebrates Canada’s first wave of fundraisers.

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Spring 2015

Goldie Newsletter - Spring 2016
Our First 50 Years -
The Goldie Company celebrates a half century of supporting non-profits.

Paying it Forward: Celebrating Gordon Goldie - Ken Wyman and Ingrid Perry share what they’ve learned from Gordon Goldie.

Supporting Future Fundraisers - Two scholarships benefit Humber College students and honour past professionals.

The Accidental Fundraiser: Gord Durnan - Celebrating Canada’s first wave of fundraisers.

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Winter 2015

Goldie Newsletter - Winter 2015
What Makes a Good Fundraiser?
What is that thing that sets some charities so far above the rest?

From Hopeless to Catalyst - Dr. Mensah’s tale of incredible poverty, abuse and despair also embodies his faith, resilience and hope.

Sustainability: What Will Make or Break Your Charity? Anyone can be successful at raising funds for a short period, but good fundraisers realize that sustainability is essential.

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