The Goldie Company

Strategic Planning

A Goldie Company Strategic Plan is designed to be used.  

The Goldie Company understands that creating a strategy is a process, as such rigour, measurement and structure are needed; there is no “one size fits all” approach. Your strategic plan will be a document that your board, management and staff will use and refer to regularly.  It will provide your organization with concrete guidelines and directions to follow.  The strategic plan will provide your organization with measures to ensure that you are meeting your objectives with quality and precision.

Our success has been attributed to the delivery of fresh and customized plans from our team of experienced professional consultants who will deliver the best advice throughout the planning process. In particular, we will provide facilitation, analysis and oversight throughout to ensure that all of our reports are delivered on time, on budget and with all the necessary elements to ensure successful implementation.

Strategic Planning Services

•    Evaluate your operations and provide recommendations for efficiency and efficacy improvement
•    Refresh and renew the existing assets of your organization
•    Strategically assess the value potential of your organization
•    Define or evaluate relevant measures and performance indicators
•    Align your organization’s activities with the value potential of the organization

The Goldie Company is dedicated in creating comprehensive and action-oriented plans.  Your organization will benefit from The Goldie Company’s commitment to:

•    Creating a comprehensive plan that is written in the language of your organization
•    Generate a plan that contains a logical progression of actionable goals in the immediate and long term
•    Clearly outline paths towards achieving each strategic priority of your organization
•    Be useful and acknowledge that insinuating circumstances might require alternative paths to be applied in order to achieve your priorities

Our approach is to build on existing knowledge and expertise, in combination with our professional guidance, to create a planning process that is thorough, functional and will exceed your organization’s goals.  Collaboratively communicating and working with your organization throughout every stage of the planning process, The Goldie Company is ready to help your organization be a strategic success story.