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Parley: April 2012 - Lindsay McIver receives the Kevin Allen Scholarship for Student Excellence

Lindsay McIver receives the Kevin Allen Scholarship for Student Excellence

By Douglas Newton

The Kevin Allen Scholarship for Student Excellence in Fundraising at Humber College ensures that Kevin's positive effect on the lives of others will continue for generations to come. The award is presented to a student needing financial assistance and showing interest, aptitude and drive in pursuing a career in fundraising.

Thanks to her strong passion for humanitarian causes and creativity and commitment to social engagement, Lindsay McIver is the first recipient of the Kevin Allen Scholarship. Ms. McIver has fundraised for high-profile charities such as SickKids, March of Dimes, and Canadian Feed the Children. She is active in her community, volunteering as a 'Friendly Visitor' with the St. Christopher's House. With a background in advertising, Lindsay intends use her education to embark on grassroots initiatives, locally and globally.

The Kevin Allen Scholarship recognizes and financially supports students who bring the same dedication, hard work and passion Kevin Allen brought to fundraising. George Stanois, Manager of the Goldie Company, worked with his colleagues to create the Kevin Allen scholarship to honour the legacy of an exceptionally talented professional. "He was my mentor in fundraising and in life," says George. "I learned everything from him," he adds, recalling how, years later, he successfully emerged from a challenging situation by asking himself four simple words: what would Kevin do? Given the passion Kevin brought to fundraising, The Kevin Allen Scholarship provides a fitting legacy for the man whose work became a standard for excellence in the field.

I asked Lindsay McIver about her award and how it would impact her professional future.

What inspired you to enter fundraising?

"I feel I have always been the 'creative type' so I initially went to school for advertising which lead me to my first professional position with a media agency in London, UK. I enjoyed my time there immensely, but after working in advertising for over a year, I realized increasing the sales for cars and cleaning supplies wasn't for me. Then is dawned on me - I could do this for charities (at 25 years old, go figure!). Upon arrival back to Canada I decided to change my career direction to charitable work, found out about the Humber Fundraising & Volunteer Management program, saved money for the student life and as they say, the rest is history."

How will this scholarship help you to achieve your goals?

"Since I was 13 years old I started working (earning my own money), only taking time off for post-secondary school. During my first round of post-secondary education I was 19 years old and didn't have too many financial responsibilities. Now, at 30 years old I'm considered a 'mature' student (which makes me smile), living in Toronto, who is constantly aware of her financial position. This scholarship eases my financial concerns by literally paying my rent while I finish the next 4 months of school."

What excites you the most about your chosen career path?

"It's a cliché, but it's true - the ability to save lives and change the world."

You mentioned that this scholarship has "made your year." How will this support help you?

"This past year I have worked extremely hard - the Fundraising & Volunteer Management program is very intensive, being two school years condensed into one - so, it kind of feels like I have fallen off the face of my social-life planet. This scholarship was like an encouraging pat on the back, 'Well done. Now go get 'em tiger'."

Is there any particular aspect of Kevin Allen's legacy that inspires you the most?

"I absolutely love that Kevin Allen was a straight-shooter who had a passion for life. I have a lot respect for that, and have always been naturally drawn to these personalities. If I ever had the pleasure to meet Kevin, I have an inkling that we would have gotten along brilliantly."