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Parley: February 2003 - Canada Customs and Review Agency

OTTAWA (AFP eWire -- Feb. 6, 2003) –

The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) has announced a number of new services for charities for 2003, several of which will be available through the organization' s website.

The public now will be able to view parts of the Form T3010, the annual information return that charities are required to complete. Initially only returns for the 2000 tax year will be available, but the CCRA is working to add documents from more recent years. Not every section of the returns will be available for public viewing, only those allowed by federal law.

In addition, the CCRA website will contain new lists of those charities that were either registered, or had their registered status revoked, within the previous 12 months. These new lists will complement the current existing list of all registered charities in Canada.

Finally, the CCRA will be introducing a streamlined and simplified charity information return in 2003 called the T3010A. The changes came about from comments made my numerous charities about the complexity of the current return and how long it takes to complete. 

Information on all of these services, as well as a sample form of the T3010A, can be found on the CCRA website at