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Parley: July 2009 - Western Canada Non-Profits Still Going Strong Despite Economic Downturn

Toronto, July 22, 2009– Despite global economic woes, the non-profit sector in Western Canada is holding ground and minimizing the recession’s impact, according to a recent industry study by The Goldie Company.

The survey, which tapped 75 fundraising organizations in Western Canada, was conducted by The Goldie Company together with Collis & Reed Research and designed to create a snapshot of the current state of fundraising programs. Participating organizations were asked about 28 key characteristics of effective fundraising, focused on structure, approaches and practices.

“This data indicates that organizations which clearly follow mature and methodical fundraising best practices on an ongoing basis, can withstand temporary dips in the economic environment,” says George Stanois, Managing Director of The Goldie Company. “This is important information to help non-profits develop secure fundraising plans that take into account the possibility of future tough financial times, even when things seem to be going well at the moment.”

“This should give comfort to thousands of non-profit leaders, staff and beneficiaries of non-profit organizations and critical services in Canada,” Stanois says.

The 28 characteristics were divided into four thematic sections and best practices including strong and realistic cases for support, competitive staff salaries and benefits, powerful fund raising committees, effective newsletters and coordinated and active media communication programs.

Slightly over half of the respondents reported an increase in demand for services as a result of the economic downturn but stated that they are reaching capacity and will soon need to take actions to maximize resources. Only four organizations indicated that they have not taken steps nor plan to take steps as a result of the economic downturn.

Nearly half of the survey respondents reported fewer donors and donations, over one-quarter of respondents indicate increases in donors and donations.

Read the full report, The Current State of Non-Profit Organizations in Western Canada.

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