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Parley: June 2006 - The Samurai Code

Here are elements of the samurai code that can help you win any business battle, according to Bill Diffenderffer:

  • Act honourably. Honour isn't negotiable – it's an overarching requirement.
  • Act with courage. When you know what needs to be done, do it.
  • Act with rectitude. Always do the right thing.
  • Be loyal. Without loyalty, there is no trust.
  • Be compassionate. To be a leader one must care for others.
  • Appreciate the arts. Art is a doorway to understanding and appreciating life.
  • Be honest. Without honesty, there is no credibility.
  • Be polite. It shows respect and makes getting along with everyone much easier.
  • Maintain self-control. To manage others, one must manage oneself.

Source: The Samurai Leader: Winning Business Battles With the Wisdom, Honor and Courage of the Samurai Code.