The Goldie Company

Parley: March 2009 - Canadian Fundraising Firm Responds to Economic Crisis with Innovation and Modern Media

Toronto, March 2009 – The times are not only changing, they are challenging, especially in the non-profit sector.

Facing a global funding crisis and donations shortage for many charitable organizations and responding to a growing need for cost-effective communications strategies and services in this hard financial climate, Canada’s longest-standing fundraising firm is launching a new communications division with a modern edge.

The Goldie Company in Toronto, established in 1965, is introducing Gamma Communications, a full-service firm dedicated to providing smart-priced marketing and communications services to Canada’s non-profit sector, with an emphasis on online, social media and new technologies that, combined with traditional marketing activities, will help to keep expenses down, while reaching key and strategic target demographics.

“The way we are connecting and engaging with our audiences is changing very quickly, even though the messages are still the same,” says George Stanois, Managing Director of The Goldie Company and Gamma Communications. “New opportunities are emerging that can help non-profits get their message out there, in a more targeted way, while keeping their costs down that can have profoundly more impact than we have ever seen before.”

“We need to do more to help these organizations,” Stanois says.

Communications has always been a cornerstone of any fundraising activity and with the advent of everything from texting, to Facebook, to Twitter, to Youtube, having unprecedented success in mobilizing presidential political campaigns, expediting disaster relief fundraising, and planning large-scale events, the online revolution has come of age in the non-profit sector.

“I think all fundraising organizations can benefit from this,” Stanois says.