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Parley: June 2014 - Future Fundraiser: Andrew Colvin

Future Fundraiser: Andrew Colvin
The latest recipient of the Kevin Allen Scholarship tells us about his dream job.

Over the years, Parley has proudly celebrated recipients of the Kevin Allen Scholarship for Student Excellence in Fundraising. The scholarship, established in memory of passionate fundraiser Kevin Allen, awards one Humber College student who embodies his generous spirit and shows great promise in the field.

This month, we spoke with with the award’s latest recipient, Andrew Colvin, and learned why he chose to study fundraising and what he plans to do next.

You just won the Kevin Allen Scholarship. What brought you to Humber College for the Fundraising Management program?

I chose this program because I want to improve society and help disadvantaged people. Working for a non-profit organization seemed liked the best way to do that, but it’s a competitive sector. Most organizations require fundraising experience, so I searched for a program that had both in-class learning and a placement. That brought me to Humber.

What were you doing before you arrived at Humber?

I’m originally from Manitoba. My English degree is from University of Manitoba, and I have a master’s degree in history and philosophy of religion from Concordia University in Montreal. After that, I came to Toronto and dabbled in journalism and media-based projects, doing research for a documentary film company that focuses on human rights issues.

What’s next for you?

The Humber program is three terms. We’ve just finished our second term. After our third term, we begin placements. I’ll be working for a Toronto-based consulting firm that specializes in direct marketing.

What do you hope to get out of your internship?

As someone who’s new in the field, I’m excited to get to work with a variety of different charities and non-profits and work with experienced professionals.

What’s next for you, Andrew? What’s your dream job?

My dream job would be working toward social change as director of fundraising for a political party. Charities and non-profits aren’t really allowed to be overtly political, but if we want change, we need to look at the bigger picture. I’d like to support a person who can help make that change.

One last question: What are a few things you’ve learned at Humber that you’ll apply in your career?

I’ve learned how integral fundraising is to non-profits, and how each organization needs to rely on best practices but shape its own approach. It’s important to be flexible.  

 Fundraising Management Awards presentation - Humber College