The Goldie Company

Survey Identifies Three Key Best Practices for Sustainable Non-Profits

Sustainable non-profit and charitable organizations employ three fundamental best practices, a new survey has revealed.

The recently released surveyUnderstanding Sustainability in the Canadian Nonprofit Sector asked Canadian non-profit and charitable organizations about the degree to which they perceived themselves to be sustainable.

"Our goal was to develop an understanding of how these organizations define sustainability and, based upon their own criteria, the extent to which they consider themselves to be a sustainable organization," said George Stanois, Managing Director, The Goldie Company.

The survey concludes that an organization that is achieving sustainability employs three fundamental best practices:

  1. The framework of a strong fundraising plan.
  2. Donor stewardship for the purpose of cultivating future donations.
  3. A consistent and effective communications program that highlights the importance of the organization.

This new survey also highlights beliefs and attitudes towards sustainability, and draws attention to the prerequisites and challenges faced by nonprofit organizations as they endeavor to become more sustainable. Key characteristics include:

  • Challenges common among those organizations with low sustainability ratings
  • The impact of Stewardship practices on sustainability
  • The vital role of leadership and planning in achieving sustainability
  • Increasing competency through training

The complete report is available for download at