The Goldie Company

Goldie Human Potential - Another Successful Placement:

Leah Utyasheva

The Goldie Company is pleased to congratulate Leah Utyasheva on her new appointment as the inaugural Executive Director for the Global Initiative for Pesticide Poisoning Prevention (GIPPP). GIPPP is an organization dedicated to addressing the epidemic of global pesticide poisoning deaths from both the accidental and the deliberate ingestion of pesticides. GIPPP provides education to farmers on non-human-lethal pesticide options and works with stakeholders, NGOs, and governments to raise awareness and implement solutions to address this global epidemic. GIPPP advocates for phasing out of human-lethal pesticides globally, and assists regulators around the world with the transition to safer methods of effective pest control. 

Leah brings over 15 years of experience developing advocacy campaigns in human rights, public health, and gender issues to her new position at GIPPP. Both her legal education and her extensive background in providing governments and NGOs with international advocacy campaigns, fundraising expertise, strategic planning, analytical reporting, and project management will be an unparalleled asset to GIPPP.

In her new role, Leah will develop and implement GIPPP’s international advocacy campaign. Leah will also use her expertise to raise GIPPP’s organizational profile through stakeholder presentations and take a lead role in GIPPP’s fund development. Leah’s role will be integral to expanding the reach of GIPPP’s important work.