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Parley: March 2019 - The Goldie Company announces a new executive appointment - Ontario

Daniel H. Tessier-Young, Senior Consultant

The Goldie Company is pleased to announce our newest staff member, Daniel Tessier-Young, Senior Consultant, and welcome him aboard The Goldie Company team! Daniel brings a solid record of achievement in association management, public affairs, advocacy and event planning.  He is a bilingual, results-oriented practitioner and strategic thinker without losing sight of the operational details. Daniel is accomplished in the development, management and execution of high-impact outreach and partnership initiatives. He is skilled at problem solving, consensus building, conflict resolution and facilitating a collaborative approach to tackle strategic objectives.     

Daniel is also analytical and has a keen understanding of the federal and provincial policy process and how decisions are influenced by the intersection of political, bureaucratic, public and stakeholder interests.  

Over the years, Daniel has supported the efforts of about 90 or so associations and non-profits, including the Abbeyfield Houses Society of Canada, the Hearing Health Alliance of Canada, the Canadian Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society, the Mining Association of Canada, the Canadian Automobile Association, the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada and the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Daniel has a keen interest in community and charitable involvement with a particular interest in social housing, suicide prevention and community support for young adults. He is an avid, year-round bicyclist and rock music historian who enjoys reading American and French revolutionary history, political biographies and British mysteries.    

The Goldie Company is passionate about supporting charitable organizations with their strategic priorities and fundraising goals. We welcome Daniel to the team and all are looking forward to working with him. Together we can achieve great things!

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